Andy’s Priorities

Nevadans deserve a government that will work to protect our state’s heritage as a land of liberty, prosperity, and opportunity … a government that works for, not against, the wonderful people of our great state.

Andy’s commitment to you and to all Nevadans is that as our next state Controller, he’ll fight every day to make sure that’s the kind of government we have.

The politicians now in charge in Carson City are forcing reckless, tax-and-spend policies on our state — an irresponsible agenda that is harmful to Nevada’s job-creators, workers, and families. Often, they keep critical information about how our government is operating completely hidden from the public.

Andy’s priorities are different. As Controller, Andy will fight to:

  • Make government more transparent and accountable to the taxpayers who fund it.

  • Increase public access to information, data, and insights regarding government spending and operations.
  • Fully utilize Nevada’s technological infrastructure to better provide the public with accurate, detailed information on government financing.
  • Oppose destructive tax hikes on hard-working Nevadans.
  • Rein in runaway government spending.
  • Restore fiscal sanity in our state capital.

Andy doesn’t believe government should control your life. He believes that WE THE PEOPLE should be in control of our government.

Control taxes. Control spending. Get our state government under control! Andy Matthews for Nevada Controller.