Andy on the Issues

The Economy, Taxes and Spending

A strong Nevada economy depends on a thriving private sector. Keeping taxes low is critical to ensuring that Nevada’s businesses remain free to grow, innovate and create jobs, and that our families and workers can keep more of their hard-earned money and afford the things they need and enjoy in life. At the same time, Nevada’s policymakers must keep state spending in check, which will require setting the right budget priorities and limiting the size and scope of government. As president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy demonstrated a consistent commitment to fighting for fiscal discipline, greater accountability for government spending, and to stop destructive tax hikes on our businesses and individuals. Under Andy’s leadership, NPRI spearheaded the intellectual effort to defeat the margin tax ballot initiative in 2014, and fought constantly for policy ideas that foster greater economic liberty, opportunity and prosperity. He’ll continue that fight in Carson City.

Education reform

Andy believes that parents know better than bureaucrats when it comes to the educational needs of their own children. That’s why, as president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, he was a tireless advocate for school choice, including the historic Education Savings Account program that became law in 2015 but which our politicians have since failed to implement. As our next Assemblyman, Andy will fight to restore school choice in Nevada, empower parents with more control over how and where their children are educated, work to increase access to charter schools, protect the rights of homeschoolers, improve measures to ensure our schools are safe, and demand more accountability for how our education dollars are spent. Today more than ever, Nevada needs a proven reformer when it comes to education policy ― and Andy will deliver for Nevada’s parents and students.


For our economy to grow, and for more Nevadans to have access to quality jobs, keeping taxes low is crucial ― but it’s not enough. We also must ensure that we minimize the regulatory burden on our businesses and workers, so that government isn’t limiting opportunities to start new companies, expand and innovate, and create the jobs of tomorrow. And right now, there are many areas in critical need of reform. In particular, Nevada today has one of the strictest occupational-licensing regimes in the entire country, which makes it especially difficult for individuals to break into the workforce and earn a good living. Andy will fight to cut red tape, remove barriers to prosperity and opportunity, and unleash the power of Nevada’s businesses and individuals to create and maintain an environment where every Nevadan can succeed.

Health care

Like most Nevadans, Andy has been frustrated and angered by the way our politicians in Washington, D.C., have tried and failed repeatedly to implement effective solutions to our country’s health care challenges. But even though much of the recent debate over health care policy has occurred at the national level, there are some important steps that Nevada’s state policymakers can take to increase access to quality, affordable care for our citizens. Andy will fight to remove unnecessary regulations that have created Nevada’s critical doctor shortage, cut waste and abuse in Medicaid so that the program is able to serve those who need it most, confront our mental health crisis head-on, and ensure that we are leveraging the latest technological innovations to deliver care to our citizens when and where they require it. Ensuring access to quality, affordable health care and senior care will be one of Andy’s highest priorities as our next Assemblyman.

Public safety

Andy knows that keeping our local communities and neighborhoods safe is one of the most important responsibilities of government. And the residents of Assembly District 37 can count on him to make promoting public safety one of his very highest priorities as our voice in Carson City. Alarmingly, many of Nevada’s politicians today are recklessly playing politics with the safety of our citizens ― undermining the efforts of law enforcement to keep dangerous criminals off our streets and our local communities secure. Andy will work to ensure that the brave men and women who serve in Nevada law enforcement have the tools they need to do their jobs effectively. They ― and the people they are sworn to protect ― deserve nothing less from our state’s elected leaders.

The Second Amendment

America’s founders recognized and appreciated an important truth: that protecting liberty requires upholding the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. Today, we are witnessing a relentless attack on our Second Amendment rights all across the country, and right here in Nevada as well. During the 2019 Legislative Session, Nevada’s far-left politicians passed and signed into law a measure that allows our government to trample on the rights of law-abiding gun owners, by confiscating firearms from those who are simply accused of being a threat without due-process protections. As our next Assemblyman, Andy will fight to restore and protect the rights of Nevada’s law-abiding gun owners ― and will be an unwavering defender of all of our Constitutional rights.


Americans remain free because of our continued commitment to the principles that inspired our nation’s founding ― and also because of the men and women who have sacrificed so much to keep us free. We must stand with those who have served in our armed forces, not just while they are serving abroad, but after they have returned home as well. Important and commendable steps have been taken in recent years to ensure Nevada’s veterans and their families receive the support they need, but more needs to be done. Andy will work to improve veterans’ access to information on the services they require, strengthen programs designed to help veterans find quality jobs, and help lead efforts to address the ongoing tragedy of veteran suicide. We can never repay those who have served our country in uniform. But we can and must do our best to honor them when they come home.

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