Standing With Andy

“I’m proud and honored to have the trust and confidence of Nevada’s proven leaders.”
 Andy Matthews

It is not often that you get to endorse and support both someone you have fought directly in the trenches with and a friend. Andy Matthews is going to be a great Assemblyman for District 37. Andy has fought tirelessly alongside me for our shared conservative principles, and for the ideals that make Nevada the incredible place it is. He has the vision, the values, and the political courage to help lead our state to a brighter future. In my time working with Andy, I’ve come to learn and appreciate his deep commitment to making sure our government is serving our citizens as effectively and efficiently as possible. I know he’ll fight for policies that lead to a stronger economy, better jobs, greater quality and accountability in education, and increased support for Nevada’s military veterans. I urge my fellow Republicans and conservatives to join me in supporting Andy Matthews for Nevada Assembly.

Adam Laxalt

Former Nevada Attorney General and U.S. Navy and Iraq War veteran

As a businesswoman leading a family-owned business, I know how important it is for Nevada’s elected leaders to maintain an environment that allows private enterprise to thrive. That’s why I’m endorsing Andy Matthews for state Assembly. Andy has been a relentless fighter for public policies that limit government intrusion into our private economy, and keep businesses free to grow, innovate and create jobs.

The Honorable Lorraine Hunt-Bono

Former Nevada Lieutenant Governor and the first female Chair of The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

As a Las Vegas City Councilman and a member of Nevada’s law-enforcement community, I know how crucial it is that our elected leaders set the right priorities for our state. And I know that Andy Matthews is committed to prioritizing public safety and ensuring that the individuals who bravely serve in law enforcement receive the support they need and deserve. Andy cares deeply about the future of our state and our community, and he’s exactly the voice we need in Carson City, which is why I’m endorsing him for Nevada Assembly District 37.

Stavros Anthony

Las Vegas City Councilman and retired captain of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Building a better future for Nevada will take leadership, vision, and a commitment to the right principles. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Andy Matthews for the Assembly in District 37. Andy is one of our state’s most proven and effective champions for conservative ideals, and I know he’ll represent our values in the state legislature.

Victoria Seaman

Businesswoman, Las Vegas City Councilwoman and former Nevada state Assemblywoman

It was my honor to represent the citizens of District 37 when I served in the Nevada Assembly, and it’s my pleasure to endorse Andy Matthews for this seat today. I know we can count on Andy to represent us and our local community with integrity and honesty in Carson City. He’ll work tirelessly to rebuild our economy, protect the interests of our seniors, and, as a veteran myself, I know he’ll stand up for those who have served our country. And he will make sure the brave men and women in our law enforcement have the tools and the funding they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Wes Duncan

Former Nevada Deputy Attorney General and District 37 Assemblyman

The Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC is proud to endorse Andy Matthews for election to Nevada Assembly District 37. Andy is a strong supporter of law enforcement, and now more than ever, we need a representative like Andy Matthews in Carson City. The men and women in blue who put their lives on the line daily need help holding the line. We believe Andy Matthews will hold the line for Assembly District 37.

Sam Peters

Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC Founder

The Nevada Veterans Association has endorsed Andy Matthews for State Assembly, District 37. Our organization represents approximately 228,000 dedicated veterans of the United States Military who reside in Nevada. Andy’s relationship with the community and advocacy for Nevada Veterans demonstrates his ability to understand the uniqueness of Veteran needs and his commitment to support those needs. It is because of Andy’s proven commitment to Nevada Veterans, and our expectation that he will continue to support Veteran efforts in the future, that the NVA endorsement panel has endorsed him.

Donna K. Lee

President, Nevada Veterans Association

Recovery PAC is grateful that Andy Matthews stands up for recovery — and in turn, we’re excited to stand up for his election to Assembly
District 37 this year. Andy has demonstrated his commitment to community-based solutions with respect to addiction and mental health
recovery, and his willingness to include and work with the recovery community in developing effective public policy.

Board of Directors

Recovery PAC

At Power2Parent, we know it is vital that parents and community members have an informed vote. The issue of parental rights is paramount and we seek to inform and empower parents and community members to vote for candidates that value parental rights. We endorse Andy Matthews for Assembly District 37 because we know he will fight to empower Nevada’s parents in Carson City.

Erin Phillips

Power2Parent President

Andy Matthews’ commitment to life, in all ages and stages, has earned the endorsement of Nevada Right to Life in his upcoming Assembly race to represent the people of District 37. Andy recognizes that Nevada’s greatest resource is her people, and their lives -– from conception to natural death -– must be protected. This can only be done when the pro-life community has solid partners in the legislature. In the past, Andy has worked closely with our team to defend the unborn; teens and preteens who desperately need the involvement of their parents when facing an unexpected pregnancy; the medically vulnerable; and the elderly. We look forward to working with Andy in the future.

Melissa Clement

Executive Director, Nevada Right to Life

Andy Matthews is the right choice to represent the people of District 37 in the Nevada Assembly, and I strongly endorse his candidacy. Andy is a man of honesty, integrity and character, and I know he’ll serve our state with dignity and honor. He cares about Nevada’s future, understands our challenges, and is committed to doing what’s best for our citizens.

Robert List

Former Nevada Governor and Attorney General

As a former Nevada Assemblywoman, and as a current member of the Las Vegas City Council, I understand how important it is to elect leaders with the courage to challenge our broken political system. Andy Matthews has that courage. He’s a fearless fighter who’s not afraid to take on the entrenched political interests in Carson City ― a proven leader who puts principle over politics and will never waver in his commitment to what’s right for our state.

Michele Fiore

Republican National Committeewoman, Las Vegas City Councilwoman, and former Nevada state Assemblywoman

I’ve known Andy Matthews for more than a decade, and I know his commitment to economic freedom, fiscal accountability, and responsible public policy. When he served as president at the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy was one of our state’s leading voices for the ideas that foster economic growth and prosperity. Andy has a deep understanding of Nevada public policy, and his knowledge and experience are exactly what we need in Carson City today.

Bob Beers, CPA

Sun City resident, and former Nevada state Senator, and Las Vegas City Councilman

As a long-time champion for education reform and school choice, as well as the author of Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts bill, I know how important it is to elect policymakers who share my dedication to empowering parents with more control over the education of their own children. That’s why I’m proud to endorse Andy Matthews for Assembly District 37. As President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy was on the front lines of the fight to bring more choice and accountability to our education system, and to promote the reforms Nevada needs. That kind of commitment will be a much welcome addition to our state legislature.

Scott Hammond

Nevada State Senator and Former Clark County School District Teacher

The Nevada Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly enthusiastically endorses Andy Matthews for Nevada Assembly District 37. Throughout his career, Andy has demonstrated an ironclad commitment to public policy reforms that will lead to better jobs, higher-quality education, and more opportunities for members of Nevada’s Hispanic community, and indeed for Nevadans of all backgrounds. He also has shown that he understands the importance of prioritizing the Republican Party’s outreach to Nevada’s Hispanic citizens, which is crucial to the long-term strength of our party. Andy has the vision, the character, and the principles to lead in Carson City.

Krissian Graciela Marquez

Chairwoman, Nevada Chapter of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly

With Nevada’s education system continuing to fail far too many of our kids, we need to elect reformers who will work to bring more transparency, accountability and parental choice to that broken system. For more than a decade, Andy Matthews has been a dedicated and effective advocate for the reforms that will lead our Silver State to a brighter educational future. That kind of leadership is exactly what we need in our state government today.

Brenda Flank

Founding member of Founders Academy of Las Vegas, a Hillsdale College Barney Charter School Initiative, and Assembly District 37 resident

As a former Chairwoman of the Nevada Republican Party, I know how important it is to not only elect Republicans but to make sure we are supporting and electing proven, principled conservatives. This is why without hesitation I am proud to endorse Andy Matthews for Assembly District 37. At a time when so many candidates offer talking points and platitudes, Andy offers a record of results. His dedication to principle is exactly what our party and our state need today.

Amy Tarkanian

National TV and Radio Political Pundit, Republican Strategist, and former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman

Nevada today faces many challenges, and meeting those challenges will take a new generation of leaders who are committed to the ideals that made our state great to begin with. I believe that Andy Matthews is one of those leaders, and that’s why I’m endorsing him for the Nevada Assembly. Andy has the policy depth, the dedication to principle, and the leadership qualities we need to create a bright future for all Nevadans.

Joe Brown

Former Republican National Committeeman

At a time when Nevada’s Democrats are pushing our state down the road of California-style radicalism, we need a conservative champion who will stand strong against this attack on Nevada’s values. Andy Matthews is that champion. For years, he has fought for personal freedom, policies that allow businesses and workers to succeed, and the reforms our state government needs now more than ever. The Conservative Nevada PAC is proud to endorse his candidacy for Assembly District 37.

Sue Lowden

Businesswoman, former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman, former Nevada State Senator, and Conservative Nevada PAC President

I was proud to represent the citizens of District 37 in the Nevada Assembly, and I’m proud to be endorsing Andy Matthews as our district’s next Assemblyman today. The people of District 37 know that Nevada today is at a crossroads. We face a choice between a bigger, more intrusive government that limits opportunity ― or an approach that preserves freedom and empowers individuals to achieve their dreams. I’ve known Andy for years, and I know that throughout his career, he has demonstrated a firm commitment to limiting government, so that the people of our state can be free to build better lives for themselves and their families. I’m endorsing Andy because I know he’ll take that same commitment with him to the Assembly.

Jim Marchant

Former Nevada Assemblyman, District 37

Nevada needs a government that works for the people of our state ― not one that works to undermine individual ambition and opportunity. Andy Matthews will fight every day to improve our education system, to bring more accountability to government, and to ensure that Nevada remains a land of limitless potential for our people. I’m proud to stand with him in his campaign for the Nevada Assembly.

Ron Knecht

Former Nevada State Controller, Nevada System of Higher Education Regent, and state Assemblyman

During this time of enormous challenge facing our state, it is imperative that we elect leaders who not only understand public policy, but who have demonstrated a commitment to the principles that will keep our state strong, safe and free. I’m endorsing Andy Matthews because for years, he has been one of Nevada’s boldest and most effective advocates for conservative ideals in the public policy arena. Andy will be a tremendous asset as a member of the Nevada Assembly.

Jim Wheeler

Nevada Assemblyman

Standing up to the special interests, and resisting those who are lobbying for higher taxes in Carson City, takes fortitude, political courage, and an ironclad commitment to principle. Not everyone has those qualities, but I know Andy Matthews does. He has shown during his career that he is firmly committed to fiscal discipline, economic liberty, and limited government. He has my full support to be the next Assemblyman from District 37.

John Ellison

Nevada Assemblyman

I had the pleasure of working alongside Andy Matthews when I served as President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, and was proud to see him succeed me in that role. Andy’s leadership skills, his keen understanding of Nevada public policy, and his unyielding commitment to limited government, individual freedom, and free-market principles made him a unique asset to NPRI, and to the greater cause of liberty. He remains a close friend to this day, and I can think of no better choice to serve in our state legislature.

Sharon J. Rossie

Former President of the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI)

Too often we elect legislators that break their campaign promises and turn their backs on the voters that placed their trust in them, but Andy Matthews has a long-proven track-record of being a conservative advocate for Nevadans. His leadership and voice are needed in a time where conservative values are under attack in our great state, and this is why I proudly endorse Andy Matthews for Assembly District 37.

Bryan Baltazar

Former Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Nevada and Former Chairman of the College Republican Federation of Nevada

Now more than ever, President Donald Trump needs strong, principled leaders who can help advance his pro-America agenda. In Nevada, Andy Matthews is exactly the conservative champion we need fighting to protect our liberties. Vote for Andy in Assembly District 37 to Keep America Great!

Dave Bossie

Trump 2016 Deputy Campaign Manager

Serving four years as president of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, Andy Matthews set the standard for conservatism in Nevada. Andy Matthews is determined to implement education reform and expand the economy, and is an accomplished policy expert and a proven leader in Nevada’s strong conservative movement. ACU endorses Andy Matthews without hesitation and urges all Nevadans in the 37th district to vote for Andy Matthews today.

Matt Schlapp

Chairman, American Conservative Union

Andy Matthews is the only Assembly District 37 candidate who can be counted on to support President Donald Trump and his America-First agenda. Andy is exactly the kind of proven, principled conservative Nevada needs. Thank you in advance for voting Andy Matthews for Assembly!

Corey Lewandowski

Trump 2016 Campaign Manager

FreedomWorks for America is proud to announce its endorsement of Andy Matthews for Nevada State Assembly District 37. Matthews is a stalwart advocate for small government and individual liberty, which is why FreedomWorks for America’s grassroots activists are eager to support his bid to represent District 37. Former Nevada AG and Iraq War Veteran Adam Laxalt’s recent endorsement, along with those from job-creators and residents of the 37th district, demonstrate that Matthews has widespread support as well. FreedomWorks for America looks forward to supporting his bid to serve as a principled member of the State Assembly.

Noah Wall

Executive Director, FreedomWorks for America